is a creature describing itself as an angel.

It appears to be the leader of a group of likewise odd creatures, all operating and protecting the Timeless Halls.

Amal is about 8 feet tall, very slim and hairless. Certain parts of its body are snakelike reptilian, while others appear to have a squidlike, semi-aquatic quality. Its face lacks characteristics save for a pair of eyes and the tentacles that hang out where a human's jaws and mouth would be. Teal stripes mark its long neck, much like a tiger's, and its lower body is mostly a skeletal abdomen and four legs that operate like a spider's.

Apparently Amal cannot physicaly speak, but eloquently communicates mentally via some sort of telepathy. Amal is reserved and very polite and his (mental) voice is calm and serene.

The creature poses as the head of a band of creatures, all remnants from a time long past, when a great war enveloped the world in chaos. It claims that it is a servant being created by a higher god to fight and lead hosts against the spreaders of discord. He commanded several mortal lieutenants who sided with the cause of his god, some of who he reveals to be Dorrel, Orethel, Oruruk, Taliesin, Rathgol, and Gecko. He was the caretaker of the facility he names the Timeless Halls, that helped them survive through time and come alive again.

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