Island of strangers shores

The shores on the Island of Strangers

Rebirth Edit

Orethel and Oruruk woke up as if from a deep slumber. They were sumberged into some form of thick liquid, completely naked. Emerging from that, they realized they were on the inside of some sort of cylindric devices; tubes designed to contain them with comfort. The stuff they were in was sticky and reeked of something foul.

Pulling themselves out, they realized they were extremelly weak, hungry, disoriented, and with a terrible headache. While they were lying on the floor amidst pools of that liquid, they noticed they were in a spacey cavern filled with dozens more similar containers. The stone of the chamber had twisted formations and strange developments, while some parts of it appeared to be living tissue that was merged with the stone.

A creature was sitting on a boulder nearby, all the while watching them making the effort of coming out of the containers. He was friendly, offering to help them up and asking if they felt pain of any kind. Not quite satisfying their questions with an "everything's fine", he dressed them in hemp robes and lead them out of that chamber to meet a person that would explain better.

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