Dorrel Khondu was a human opportunist, scoundrel and thief, living the big life in the city of Astana. His cut-and-thrust induced work of art with the rapier is only topped by the ludicrous smile he offers his victims, annoying them as they draw their last breaths.

Description Edit

Dorrel is of average height and weight. His hair is shoulder long and black, while his eyes are a deep brown. His clothing's color ranges from dark browns, to blues slashed with red.

Background Edit

Dorrel was a resident of Astana. During an unremarkable night, he got attacked in an alley of the city by a group of unknown people and was beat senseless. He woke up on a remote island, with a group of folk sharing similar stories.

Trivia Edit

  • He is frequently seen using stealth while approaching an enemy.
  • He seems to have a practical mind, rarely acting on whim or rush.
  • He has five tiny wounds on his spine, like the rest of his allies. It was later revealed that the bones on his spine that were close to his wounds, had turned black.
  • His died during a fight with Panga, a giant scorpion, that sank its sting into his head with such force that caused it to explode from the sheer pressure. His remains are buried in the southern jungles of Nyree Island.

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