Gecko muckbucket portrait

Gecko Muckbucket

Gecko Muckbucket is an opportunistic Kabutel, of the green goblins subrace.

He comes from Vorgis doing all sorts of work, whenever he can get it. He is quick, sly, and pretty much indifferent when it comes to matters that would affect others. On the other hand he also has a lazy side, enjoying luxury whenever possible.

Description Edit

Gecko is about 3 1/2 feet tall, slender, with wiry muscles. His skin has a greenish yellow pigmentation, with patches of mold or fungi in places like elbows or knees. He also has a red ink tattoo on his right shoulder and arm.

Clothing & Armor Edit

He wears a half-plate armor, a body piece comprising of steel plates, mail and boiled leather.

Weapons Edit

He carries two short swords, blades of Rhuz design.

Biography Edit

Gecko hails from Vorgis and he also probably sprouted there or in the surrounding area; as far as he remembers, that is the case indeed. He has worked as a thug, a mercenary, convoy guard, but he never veered into deep outlawlessness.

He recently left Vorgis for Belmora to find some friends of his while guarding a shipment with another multiracial group. He got caught in the curse and involuntarily remained there, eventually joining up with Dorrel, Orethel, Oruruk, Rathgol, and Taliesin. He never found his friends, but for helping in ending the curse around the island, he got rewarded by the reeve Kalemos Galanos himself, as were the rest in his group.

Back in the mainland he rescued another reeve from a cult called the Black Bones, Romilus Aberus this time. Ultimately, he took part in resolving the crime around the reeve's daughter murder, and got rewarded handsomely for that as well.

During his travel back to Vorgis he encountered Ophelia who, after revealing certain facts, helped him and his group to enter Arhiod and reclaim his true body.

Through much effort and battles, he did so, waking up in the Timeless Halls at Xzayalande. A creature called Amal told him he is actually a godly warrior of ages past, now ressurected, and that his old name was Aggason.

On his way north of there, towards a community called Wetflame, he met Adulu the Pallbearer. During a fight with a clan of Fell Centaurs he was severely injured, but survived.

Death Edit

As he scouted a mysterious cavern alone, he got ambushed by three strange feline creatures that lashed him to death. Orethel later retrieved his body from an underground pond nearby.

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