Gorin is a duendu boy, and a wererat.

He is the son of Rooark. He is not talkative, but appears witty and cunning for his age.

Appearance Edit

He is 8 years old. His hair is shaggy and black, his eyes gray, and his skin is weathered but fair.

During the campaign Edit

Gorin was aboard a ship with his father, into exile. After the storm and the mutiny, he spent days on the shores of the nameless island scavenging for food and water. He was taken by the dryads on the nameless island, later saved by the party and returned to his father.

He was on Orpheus when Rooark attacked the party, and was held captive with him since. He was relatively free below the deck, while his father was questioned and experimented upon by Taliesin and Oruruk.

When they reached Nyree island, he hid somewhere along the coast with his father, waiting for the party to find a way back to the mainland.

Along with his father, he was smuggled in the form of a rat aboard Larventhus, and later hid with him in Eastwood.

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