Symbols - Onuru

Symbol of Onuru

  • Aliases: "The Voice of Command", "the Unforgiving", "the Obscure Master", "the Terror", "the Everking".
  • Portfolio: The Duendu of Ka'an, obedience, hatred, black magic, secrets, shadows, perseverance.
  • Symbol: An angry eye with a swirl for an iris.

Onuru (oh-NOO-rooh) is an obscure deity revered in the city of Ka'an.

Little is known of him, except of the fact that he is somehow related to black magic and dark rituals, or at least the Ka'anites associate him with such practices. Most agree that Onuru is present since the Oblivion Years and the first Duendu, sowing chaos and causing pain.

The Ka'anites clearly place him highly. Onuru is presented as a racist god and truly no race other than Duendu is seen or allowed to step in Ka'an, leading experts to believe that this derives straight down from their religion.

Temples Edit

Information on Onuru's temples, if there are any, is precious little and remain mostly speculative.

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