The Sil Nueda priestess Orethel Rivorneth appears to have a unique ability; consuming specific hallucinatory herbs or mushrooms from different locations put her in a state of forced trance and give her enigmatic visions. Throughout her journey she has already had several.

Consuming the same herbs more than once appears to have no effect whatsoever.

First Telling Edit

The first occurence happened just outside the gates of the town of Belmora.

She was in the same place she was before the trance; a small clearing in the jungle. She clearly discerned four different archways formed out of the trunks and branches of the surrounding trees, as if they bent to form these gate-like shapes. Each archway seemed to belong in a different place, for Orethel could see the light shone in different colors after each passage.

She clearly saw a fox whose fur was clean and white as snow, standing before the closest archway. The fox was generally facing the gates but slightly turned around also, enough to be able to look Orethel straight in the eyes, as if the fox bore some mysterious intelligence.

Orethel attempted to move and reach the fox and the first archway, but it seemed she was unable to do so. It was during that effort that she woke up from the trance, realizing twelve hours have passed in this condition.