Rathgol the Striped

Rathgol is a commited gray orc of the Brud.

He sprouted in Lionmoore Keep from Uggrash. He is a scout and a zealot when concerning Urrun. He is proud, boasting, full of destructive energy he does not hesitate to unleash. He enjoys proving he is stronger then others.

Description Edit

Rathgol in over 6 feet tall, and weighs around 200 pounds. His skin is gray, marked with white stripes (earning him his nickname) of white herbal paint. He has small, black eyes and long, dark hair.

Clothing & Armor Edit

Rathgol wears an impressive full plate armor of black steel, engraved with numerous details of Urrun's exploits. The helm is spiked.

Weapons Edit

Rathgol wields a mighty maul topped with a head of pure steel, with characteristic ease.