Rooark is a male duendu, and a wererat.

Appearance Edit

He appears slim and wiry, of average height. One would guess he is about 40 years old. His hair is thin and gray. His eyes are black, with small pupils.

During the campaign Edit

Rooark was found of the Nameless Island, along with his companions Benet and Korom, and his son Gorin. He worked together with Dorrel, Orethel, Oruruk, Rathgul and Taliesin to escape the island aboard Orpheus.

During the voyage, he and his lackeys attacked to take over, but lost the fight. Rooark ended up a captive along with his son, while the other two were slain. Rooark made an agreement then with Taliesin and follows them since, all the while staying out of sight.

He and Gorin spent some days on Nyree island fending of for themselves on a beach and the surrounding wilds.

They were smuggled onto Larventhus in the form of rats, and were released outside Enpyria. Taliesin gave Rooark a 100 Rens and left him to his fortune, compensating for not being sure if he could keep his end of the agreement. Rooark agreed to wait for him somewhere within Eastwood.

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