Taliesin Ben Beirdd is a human magician from Astana, although rumors around the city have it that he was not born there. Aloof, strange, and hyperactive, his magical prowess is only matched with his extraordinary ability to delve deep into the maze of the mind and, somehow, always find his way back.

Description Edit

Taliesin has shaggy raid hair, and keeps a clean face. His clothing are extravagant and ridiculous to folk outside Astana. His eyes are brown and his skin fair.

Background Edit

He poses as a knowledgable scholar and a man with a plan. He is strangely polite, enough to appear insulting. He also appears interested in many things, asking a barrage of questions almost impossible to answer. He revealed his comes from Astana and that he has connections with some ancient, unfathomable power.

Familiar Edit

Taliesin's familiar spirit appears in the form of an honorable, warrior sprite.

Trivia Edit

  • He is a magician using hexes and curses against his enemies.
  • He shares the five small wounds with his allies.
  • He sometimes speaks or responds to some individual who is not there, or is invisible to others.

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