• Aliases: "The Three Souls", "the Spirit of War".
  • Portfolio: Glory, warfare, the Brud.
  • Symbol: none.

The Faith of Urrun (uh-ROON) is a religious concept, not exactly a god, but more of a spirit of warfare.

All of the Brud abide the concept of Urrun, though each through a different perspective; the gray orcs venerate the honorable warrior, while the green orcs indulge in the more distastefull aspect of carnage and bloodlust. This war spirit is the son of Noth itself (Noth is viewed as a male white orc in Brud mythology), who produced Urrun through mere thought. Urrun in turn impregnated nature, and his daughter Ygga was born, a demigod said to live ages ago. All of the Brud also revere Ygga as their anscestral mother.

There is no symbolism attached to the Faith of Urrun. The sigil is the arms the Brud carries at all times, and the temples are soldier camps.

There is no specific point when the Faith of Urrun first appeared, although people tend to follow it back in parallel with the origin of the Brud. This faith is more of a collective myth, mush-up of tales, legend and fiction, altogether forming a loose dogma under which the orcs operate.

Worship Edit

There are no temples involved in this faith, nor rituals; it mainly consists of incantations and rites during the times of war or before battles. Acts of proof are also common amongst the Brud, involving slaying a beast that clearly represents formidable strength, and these acts are known as the Labours of Ygga.

Due to the loose nature of this faith, orcs are known to also go against Urrun, as the ultimate opponent. When orcs are mad or disappointed, they have been seen spitting toward the skies or cursing out loud, challenging the spirit. Ultimately though, even through that, they accept it as real.

All of the Keeps guarding the Black Mountains where the gray orcs are stationed, hold the closest thing to a shrine. On the tallest watchtower, open to wind and rain, lies a composition of items which all gray orcs touch when reciting their rites before battle or ranging. This composition is a hacked shield flat on the stone ground, and on top of it a broken greatsword. These two weapons are always covered in fresh or dry blood, for each gray orc paying a visit must cut open his palm and let the blood poor, as they speak their rites.

The Three Souls Edit

Urrun, in myth, is said to have three souls. The Brud is known to summon strength from all, or from individual souls of the war spirit, depending on the need of the situation.

The First Soul is the Mind, the aspect of the strategist. The Second Soul is the Body, the fierce charger who smashes, pierces and guts. The Third Soul is the Spirit, the protective sentinel who will prevail through sheer willpower and perseverance, or die on his feet.

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