Symbols - Eightcross

Symbol of the Twin Sisters (aka the Eightcross)

  • Aliases: "Gabril and Aneman", "Sisters of the Cycle", "the All-Seeing".
  • Portfolio: Life, death, fate.
  • Symbols: The Eightcross.

The Twin Sisters is the religion revolving around the woship of Gabril and/or Aneman, two goddesses representing the cycle of life, including death.

This religion never reached a high status, and frankly, no such thing was ever sought after. The Twins are believed to watch closely over all birth in nature, and all death likewise.

Mostly the common folk form the body of the Twins followers. This religion originated amongst the Duendu of Thundermarch, and has since spread a little to other races as well because of the neutrality of its aspects. Despite the Aes Qintari who do not even accept the Twins' existence, and Ka'anites who are obsessed with Onuru, every other soul in the realm, will at least whisper a prayer to the Twins during a birth, a burial, or a wake.

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