Vorgis is a major city and one of the Sayth, located in the coast of Blackridge, the southern province of Thundermarch. Vorgis has grown dirtier and more ill-natured by the year, going through several challenging conditions. Changing ruling hands in combination with decades long internal conflict, diminished the city's glory but strengthened its underworld activities, making it a poor but plentiful melting pot of filth and interracial mixture.

The city is shaken by the over-or-under-the-table clashes of several power groups and charismatic figures; the occasional crimelord, martial commander or mysterious mage.

Vorgis slums

Alley in the Breakneck Gizz, part of the slums of Vorgis.

Description Edit

Vorgis is a walled (known as the Hawkstand Wall) maze of a city. With the exception of the Manacle Street that runs the east High Gate to the cliffs of the west, the rest of the city is a painful web of serpentine alleys and streets, moving about every direction, crossing eath other in their wild up and down length.

The city is divided into a number of districts, each known as a Gizz. In some cases they overlap each other, leading to days full of action and gangwars, or rarely act as a neutral zone (known as a Peesh).

Distinct buildings incluse the Flamehold (churh of the Fire God), the Mettaru (seat of the Daetritum), the Stonepit arena, the Pot (the city's market), Bloodhound Halls (an orcish mercenary hall), the Glayde docks and many others in the shadow of these landmarks.

Most of the buildings in the city are poorly built, with stone, mud, hides and wood. Usualy they hold two or three stories or more, and in some cases buildings connect to each other. There are parts of the city, mainly in and around the center, that display better, stronger and more beautiful architecture (mainly Tiefling designs).

Power Groups Edit

Vorgis houses a cult known as the Daetritum, since before it was a city actually, making their secluded and mystifying stance an important defense for themselves against the daily conflict around the city. Beyond the secretive sages, Vorgis also holds a number of influencial groups like the Orc warriors known as the Sons of Ygga who cause most of the mayhem around the maze-like alleys, the Hellcallers who work the secrets and shadows of the city while snuffing out lives in the darkness, and the Path of Fire which is the order of the dominant religion, in absolute servitude to the god Mezharun. Other minor groups occassionaly have some amount of control as well, but in most cases work under the wing of the major factions.

Officialy, the Raenn (aka lord, ruler, king) of the city is Gororion Skyhorn Icarothius, who is also the Flamelord (high priest) of the Path of Fire. Though his followers still work on finding a foothold in Vorgis, Skyhorn is known to be solid and powerful as head of the church.